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Paperback Time to Blossom Book

Paperback Time to Blossom Book

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In this book, I will be sharing all the secrets & techniques I learned throughout my experience, which will help you dive into your deepest desires, you’ll get to know YOU like never before, and it’ll guide you to find your true passion & turn it into clear achievable goals & give you “The Plan” to make them come to life. Break the habit of procrastination and self-doubt, beat fear and uncertainty, and be a confident happier person.


- Don’t know your passion?
- Don’t have Clear Goals?
- you have Goals but don’t know how to achieve them?
- You keep saying that you’re going to start one day but never do?
- Sometimes you doubt yourself not sure if you can be successful?
- Always wanted to be Successful but don’t know where to start?

if you’re ready to change that, then this book is for you!

if you want to get the ( E-BOOK ) Version in ARABIC & ENGLISH

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Because this is the Most Advanced IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset in the market its designed to deliver long-lasting visible results starting from only 4 weeks!!

- You will notice a big reduction in the hair regrowth and you'll stay hairfree for a longer time.

-Full-body treatments are done in 30 minutes!

- Do 1-3 sessions per week, for 12 weeks total. After that ENJOY YOUR HAIR FREE SKIN for Months!

- You can do retouches every 2-6 months or whenever you need it.

Shipping & Returns

-Free shipping to All over the UAE above 27$

-Free shipping to the GCC on orders over !00$

- The Shipping price doesn't include custom TAX or VAT because it depends on your country.

Warranty & gurantee

-Exchange Guarantee on all damaged or faulty devices, valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

- We Proudly Offer 90-Days-Money-back Warranty if you followed the protoccol and didin't see any results.

BBR Warranty & Policies


BBR hair removal device 90 Days Guarantee protocol:

If you tried our device and did the FULL 12 Sessions and haven’t gotten any results, Not a problem! We are proud to offer a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee. Just follow our money-back guarantee protocol to receive a full refund!

  • first, the device should be in the original packaging with no damages of any kind.

  • you need to send us an email at when you first receive your handset.

  • Send us a follow-up Email when you do every Session with a close-up picture of the area before shaving it to do the session, so we can keep track and check the results and make sure you done the sessions on time.

  • after the completion of the full sessions in12 WEEKS with the 12 follow-ups emails, if you didn’t get any RESULTS, you can send us an email also to apply for the refund including your name number and bank details.

if you completed all of the above protocols your refund should be accepted and you’ll receive it in 30 days maximum.

Your Beauty by Retta product is warranted for a period of 12 months from the date you receive it. The warranty does not cover the following and is not limited to; loss, misuse, accident, alteration, servicing, use with unauthorized accessories and any other conditions beyond normal use.


Your Warranty covers the device only, The incurrence of any additional charges are the responsibility of the customer. These include but are not limited to: Shipping, and Customs and Duties Tax.


If you would like to request a warranty claim, kindly contact customer services at and our friendly team will assist you.

Your Information

Please make sure the contact information you give to us is correct. If you enter someone else’s information, then you warrant that you are authorized by that person to provide that information. If you choose to create an account with us, you must keep your password safe. Your account is your responsibility regardless of any unauthorized access gained by others. If you believe your account may no longer be secure, please contact us immediately.

Cancellations & Returns

-14 Days Return policy if the product had a manufacturer issue.
We do not offer cancellations or returns unless the product has a technical fault, in which case we will arrange a replacement product. In that unlikely event, please contact our customer services at


Refused Deliveries
If you refuse to accept delivery of your item/s and the courier has to send it back to our warehouse, you will be charged a restocking fee plus any other shipping-related charges and refunded the remaining amount paid. If your parcel is lost, destroyed, or damaged on its way back to us, your refund will not be processed.

Shipping and Local Destination Tax & Duties
We ship to everywhere in the world unless stated otherwise. Please note, BeautybyRetta Limited has no control over any customs or import duties that could be charged when the order reaches the destination country. These charges can cause delays and the customer will be liable to pay for them. BeautybyRetta Limited advises the customer to check with the local customs agency before placing the order.


The payment gateway we use is powered by our website provider. This is a safe gateway that you can trust.



All prices are displayed in your home country’s currency, inclusive of GST. The shipping cost of our product is not included in the price and may vary depending on your location. Once you enter your address onto our website, the relevant shipping cost will appear.​

Care Instructions

Care instructions for IPL Devices:

-Clean the Head after doing your session with a alcohol wipes or any anti-bacterial wipes.

- Make sure to clean it the same way if you're using the device with someone else, because it can be contagious if they had any skin problems.

Care instructions for Contact Lenses:

- Make sure your Hands are Clean and Makeup-Free when you handle it.

- Make sure you get a Lenses solution from any pharmacy to keep the lenses in it. ( you can't use the liquid that comes in the original packaging)

- Change the lenses solution every 2-3 uses to keep the lenses clean and fresh.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Hwee Miem K.

اشتريت ال 3 كتب أول كتاب كتبتيه غير حياتي فعلا فعلا فعلا
خلاني أقول لاء لناس بتستغلني
وخلاني فعلا احب نفسي ومرضاش بالإهانة ليها .. كل يوم بصحى احب نفسي اكتر واحترمها واشكرها على كلشي بتقدمه سواء كبير او صغير
كل دا بسبب كتابك وانا لسا في صفحة 32 وضعت خطة لشغفي وجاري العمل عليها ❤❤

Rawan Alsadi

الكتاب فيه نشاطات كتير لتثبيت المفاهيم جدا عجبني وبنصح فيه كل شخص حابب يطور ويبلش شغله الخاص

Marah Rihaw

حرفيا أنا خلصت الكتاب بساعتين ما حسيت لغاية ما وصلت لآخر صفحات..
بدون مبالغة جد مفييد مبين خلاصة أفكارك ومافيه فلسفة
فيه خطوات واضحة ورتبلي أفكاري خصوصا انا كتير متنوعة

كتاب مليان بالطاقة الإيجابية

كثيير حلو الكتاب وفيه كمية تفاؤل وطاقة إيجابية ما قدرت ما كملو
من وقت ما فتحتو وانا اقرأ لحد ما خلص فجئة وماحسيت

Youmna Arida
الكتاب بيعطي راحة نفسية

الصراحة في راحة نفسية كبيرة بالكتاب برافو عليكي مارفت عيني لحد ما خلصت لأنو مافي ملل وأنا عم اقرأ


Not happy? Not a problem! We are proud to offer a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee if you completed your sessions and didn’t get any results. Just follow our money-back guarantee protocol to receive a full refund!

  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping to All over the UAE,

    Free shipping to the GCC on orders over !00$

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    free exchange on all faulty or damaged items. valid for 1 year from date of purchase